Like the church which is the body of Christ, everybody has a role to play at Bethany. We want the children and the community at large to benefit more from any volunteering group or individuals, so we strongly encourage volunteers to come. Vacancies are available throughout the year. The programs accept volunteers from all over the world in the fields of education, Nutrition, Health, Counseling, gap year students, and Christian nurture.  Our target groups include- those than can learn as well as teach the difference from the world our children know to theirs and vice versa. Potential volunteers should be recommended by a third party and should indicate how they intend to stay/ survive while working with the two programmes. First time volunteers are not allowed to stay more than two weeks and should always be more than one person for there own benefit.

Application should be sent to 2 to 3 months before actual date of entry. The right to accept or reject an application lies with Bethany and volunteers should not have any criminal record concerning the well being of children and proof of that must be provided before the application is considered. Intending volunteers should send a request for application forms at response@bethanyorphanage.org or response@bethanychristiancenter.org or apply online.

However, applicants should be aware that Bethany Christian Center, shall not be in position to provide any financial assistance.  Accommodation and Food Costs  minimally 1st month – 500USD 2nd month – 400USD 3rd month – 300 Subsequent months – 200 USD  Our volunteers have an opportunity to leave with host families in the area ( where available) to experience African life. However, Bethany Christian Center has accommodation facilities for those who need privacy but these facilities are still not yet finished and furnished.  There is also a Three Star Hotel within a 6 mile radius from Bethany Christian Center. You are very welcome.


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