Bethany Primary School

School Vision

To mould personality by Godly principles and academic excellence SCHOOL MISSION To provide quality education and instill discipline as a firm base for providing responsible and self reliant future citizens.

School Moto

Strive for Excellence


Bethany primary school is a registered primary school from pre-primary to primary seven, established in 2010 the school is growing strong, it helps our children at Bethany to get free education and in 2014 we welcomed other children from the community that pay a small fee to sustain the services they receive.

School is, first and foremost, a place where children come to learn, and the pursuit of academic excellence remains one of our strategic goals. However, the life lessons that are learnt at school are often learnt outside the classroom. At Bethany primary school we offer our students a myriad of opportunities to become involved in sport, drama, music and a variety of other cultural activities. We believe passionately that we should educate the whole child, and give all the children in our care the opportunity to find their own niche, and to excel in their own particular way. I have come to know that ours is a school where issues related to education and schooling are debated and thought about deeply.

We have teachers who are passionate about education and pupils who are encouraged to reach for their full dreams.

We are very result oriented school and this is witnessed by our academic excellence in Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) results despite our few numbers. We work so hard to make sure that we meet our goal of helping children get more than just class education.

We develop talent in different activities such as sports, clubs, drama, music, dance and games.

We help in building the next generation of powerful citizens of our country.

The children of Bethany Christian Center that finish primary school go to secondary school where we facilitate them in different secondary schools