Bethany Medical Center

Built on a health center 3 scale, though unfurnished The medical center’s primary objective is to give free healthcare to the children at the center. But since there are no medical facilities within the community the services of the Bethany medical center was built in the view to help the near by sub county community. So looking for partners to extend this vision to the community.

Health is a fundamental issue in life. Unfortunately, majority of people more so in developing countries live in jeopardy of this, with their lives being at risk due to ill health. Many factors affect the health of persons, the greatest cause being poverty and ignorance. Limited and/or absence of medical facilities and personnel have been one of the leading causes of death in Uganda.

Uganda’s infant mortality rate and life expectancy age are among the worst in the world. More than 90 percent of the homesteads in our sub county community in Nakisunga have no access to clean water, making them vulnerable to water born diseases. Malaria and respiratory illnesses are widespread and are frequent causes of death. Economic liberalization has created a healthcare system that places the poor at a stark disadvantage. Other major healthcare issues are basic hygiene; nutrition; women’s and children’s health; and sexual/reproductive health (especially for young people and women).

It will be very fundamental in giving free Immunization for babies, sensitization and information giving to people in our community about the best way to prevent diseases like malaria, typhoid, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, cervical cancer etc.


The next services on the agenda will be.

  • Addressing preventable diseases in children.
  • Malaria and general sickness testing and management
  • HIV/AIDS testing, counseling and services
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Quality Antenatal services.
  • Safe motherhood
  • Infection control
  • Nutrition and health community outreach
  • Preventable diseases in children both at orphanage and the community level.


The Medical team.

Simon Morgan Yiga – Health Director

Dr Emanuel Seremba. ( physician and consultant)

Dr Musiitwa Michael. (public Health consultant)

Dr Godfrey Bbuuka ( Physcian)

Dr Phillip Kasirye ( Pediatrician)

Nabisere Damalie (Resident Nurse)