About Bethany Christian Center

Bethany Christian Center is a registered CBO (N0: MG200718605) in Uganda aimed at addressing the problems of venerable orphan children as well as needy children mostly in Mukono and Uganda in General. These children are mostly as a result of death of parents from natural causes, HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty, abandonment among others

Bethany is a place of healing in the bible, a place of resurrection where Lazarus was brought back to life. Our Bethany here is a place of new life, a home that provides shelter, food, clothing, education, parental and spiritual care.

Bethany was established in October 2005 and started operating in March 2007 after building the main building home. A vision by one of our directors Mugwanya Edward who was orphaned at the tender age of 6years. His main aim is to help orphans dream again and give them a platform for a better future. Having gone through a lot of difficulty in growing up, and just surviving without a place to call home, and striving to find education, it was always his childhood dream, to help and support orphans, to help them dream again and to know that there is always a better life especially with growing up in a Christian life and getting education as the most basic need.

The vision was shared in 2007 to his friends here in Uganda and abroad especially England and together we have made big contributions to make Bethany a success story it is to this date.

Bethany Primary School