About the Founder

Edward Mugwanya Is a born again Christian, a pastor, a marriage counsellor, children advocate, HIV /AIDS awareness speaker, a businessman, educationist, a husband and a father.

He is the founder and Executive Director of Bethany. Starting Bethany ministries was his childhood dream coming out of the many challenging circumstances he went through as a young orphan, especially finding education and a place to call home, so he prayed and promised God that when he grows he will do something to help the orphans. He continues to say that it wasn’t all about him or the incredible team he works with or those that support Bethany but it was about Our Lord Jesus Christ, doing what Jesus would do in the situation and that is giving hope to the hopeless, serving others with His pure love as service is mostly about helping, winning souls for the Kingdom, filling the gap and giving back to the less fortunate. This can’t be done by one person, but together we can do it by joining hands to make it achievable.

Eddie, as he is popularly known, is a graduate of Makerere University Kampala and Makerere University Business School. He has worked with the great Careforce ministries in UK and Yeldall Manor a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Reading, United Kingdom doing what he loves to do, serving those in need. He has such vast experience in working with both vulnerable adults and children.